Saturday, September 16, 2006

Back at School

I ended up taking the RA position, which is in Douglas (for those of you who know where that is). It’s turning out alright and Sean lives right under me so I can visit him sometimes. My classes are good too. I’m taking: Constitutional law (lots of reading but very interesting), German, Photo I, and Macro Economics. I’m also still involved with stuff like choir, tutoring, international club, and dancing. I’m excited for this year’s dancing because a couple of guys from the break dancing group are offering break dancing and hip-hop lessons. I’m trying to take both so we’ll see how it goes :-)

Mario is coming to visit in just over three weeks. I’m so excited! I’m just afraid that I’ll have too much homework to do while he’s here but hopefully he’ll bring some work to do too. It would also help if I could work ahead... We’ll see how that goes.

These pictures are from yesterday with German club. We went apple picking so now I have to find something to do with all these apples! Maybe I can go over to Kaija’s and borrow her kitchen :-)